Ramblings of an Amused Dragon

by A. G. Carothers

Character Profile Series - Xander Palepoi

I've been waiting to set up the character profile section of my website till it was closer to release day. The character profile section will have small bios of all the major characters with little tidbits and their role in the world. As information is revealed in the series about a character it will be added to the profile. I don't want to give away spoilers.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to my favorite bear, Xander. Born in 1964, Xander spent most of his life either around the military because of his father or in the military. He'd much rather walk the streets of a city than between trees in a forest. He's six feet eight inches of solid muscle with amber eyes and a cobalt blue mini mohawk. His favorite color is emerald green and he has a penchant for wearing t-shirts with bad bear puns. 

Find out how Xander becomes the first employee of SYN Consulting in Book One of the Dragon War Chronicles.