Ramblings of an Amused Dragon

by A. G. Carothers

Character Profile Series - Mathieu Lonbruj

At ninety-six years old, Matt has had to reinvent himself a few times already. Born Mathieu Lonbruj and now Matthew Blackstone, he's been embedded in the tech world since the beginning in the late Forties. He's more at home amidst his servers and gadgets than he ever was in the bayou of his birth. He's a gamer, a DJ, a dancer, but nothing beats his enormous collection of kicks.

Find out what Matt stumbles upon that could spell disaster for them all next month when SYN Consulting comes out.

Keep an eye out for the portrait reveal of Matt in the next few weeks. I can't wait for Eric to start working on it soon. :)

Introducing: Xander Palepoi

The project of illustrating my characters has had a few starts and stops, but I finally found an artist that is very enthusiastic about working on this. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of my characters come to life. :) 

Stay Tuned as the gallery fills up over the next few months. 

Get to know Xander and the rest of the crew at SYN Consulting this August when SYN Consulting: Dragon War Chronicles Book One comes out. 

Illustration by  Eric Killius   All rights reserved by AG Carothers

Illustration by Eric Killius

All rights reserved by AG Carothers

Character Profile Series - Xander Palepoi

I've been waiting to set up the character profile section of my website till it was closer to release day. The character profile section will have small bios of all the major characters with little tidbits and their role in the world. As information is revealed in the series about a character it will be added to the profile. I don't want to give away spoilers.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to my favorite bear, Xander. Born in 1964, Xander spent most of his life either around the military because of his father or in the military. He'd much rather walk the streets of a city than between trees in a forest. He's six feet eight inches of solid muscle with amber eyes and a cobalt blue mini mohawk. His favorite color is emerald green and he has a penchant for wearing t-shirts with bad bear puns. 

Find out how Xander becomes the first employee of SYN Consulting in Book One of the Dragon War Chronicles. 

Breaking the Rules One Book at a Time

When I started writing this series I wanted to write something I'd never seen before.  In an industry as vast as this is that is hard to do.  In the last 2 years I've read over a 1000 romance books both mf and mm with pretty much every trope one can imagine.  I've built my favorite author list with those that step out of the box and who truly make their work unique in different ways.  Those authors give me hope that you can step out of the box and be popular.  I would like to be popular, but that's not why I write and it's not why I write how I write or what I write.  I know some things won't be to people's tastes and that's okay.

When I decided that I was going to self publish, I made the decision that I was going to write my story the way I truly see it.  That meant breaking the gender lines.  My books are about individuals no matter their gender, sexuality, race or what have you.  Each book contains elements of relationships that vary as much as real life can. 

On the surface book 1 looks like a typical mf paranormal romance/urban fantasy, but once you get below the surface you start to see that things are far more complicated.  You have a female who is unhealthily emotionally attached to her best friend and afraid to make real connections with outsiders.  A male who is deeply in love with his boyfriend who he can't acknowledge as his boyfriend because of the of fear disrupting the relationship between best friends.  Another male so deeply in the closet that his own best friend of 40 years doesn't know. And then BAM their whole world gets turned on its head with the appearance of a male from a group the female has been hiding from her whole life.

Relationships are messy.  Life is messy.  Love is messy.  Love is also blind.  It doesn't see gender, race, or sexuality.  Love doesn't drive my story, it just happens, and life is difficult enough without letting things like gender, race, or sexuality interfere with love.  So, why should I?

satisfy your needs

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to check out the new site.  For this first post, I had quite a problem with figuring out what I wanted to say.  One would think that even after keeping an active LiveJournal for over 10 years that I would know what to write, but this is different.  I think first I'll tell you what you should probably expect going forward with this blog.  I will talk about my books that I'm still trying to get published, so you won't get too much detailed information on them lest I give away too many spoilers.  I'll also give some book recommendations and talk a little bit about whichever book I'm reading that day that strikes my fancy.  Whatever else may go into these posts is anyone's guess.  I'll try not to ramble too much. 

Let's talk SYN Consulting.  In February 2016 I had hip surgery and a few months before that I started reading paranormal romance for the first time.  Now, I've always been an avid reader, but for the last several years I really hadn't been pleasure reading at all.  Then I got a new job that allowed me to read in-between calls and suddenly I was scrambling for stuff to read.  I found that reading my usual fantasy stuff was not keeping me awake or entertained at work.  I went in search of something new to read.  I've read romance novels on the rare occasion and decided to check and see what was new.  I discovered paranormal romance, specifically shifter romance and was completely lost to them from there. 

Back to my surgery, I was laid out for several weeks and at that point I was already devouring books at a steady pace.  I've read some really good books and some really bad books, but the majority of them had a common formula that after a while gets really boring.  The whole industry thrives on the various formulas that books are written in and many readers enjoy that.  I like it too, but only to a point.  I wanted something different.  There are a few authors out there that have taken different approaches to their storytelling and I love them for it.  I still wanted something different.

I started thinking about what kind of world I would build and what I would want to see in characters of that world.  I started writing out characters and building their history as I built the world around them.  Then I wrote a prequel for my main female character as a tester to see if this is something I could really do.  The prequel kicked off the movie that just started playing in my head.  Three months and 150,000 words later I had three books written.  This time last year I was almost done with book 3.  This last year has been full of getting people to read them, get constructive feedback on them from friends but also other authors and editors, and making all of them publish ready.  I've had to back burner book 4, which is started, in order to get this done.  

Anyway, that's all for now.  We'll talk some more later.